About OEM Solutions

Ingersoll Rand’s OEM Solutions team solves unique compression solutions and builds long-term value for their customers through trusted technology, application expertise, and integrated compressor options.



OEM Solutions of Ingersoll Rand is widely recognized as a global leader for standards of reliability and quality in the manufacture of rotary screw compressors. Our success story in compressed air began with the invention of the first dry running screw compressor in the 1950’s – a strong example of a our pioneering achievements and ongoing capabilities. Our unique and well proven knowledge and experience within the oil free arena, continues to be relied upon across the globe. Our goal is always to provide products with the highest levels of quality that can be integrated into your packaged solutions providing you and your customers with complete peace of mind. This can only be achieved with experience and quality procedures developed over the years.

The same philosophy has also been integrated into our Tanker Solutions' products especially developed for the pneumatic discharge of dry bulks in the road tanker market.

The SILU® screw compressor packages guarantee totally oil-free compressed air. SILU® compressed air solutions have been developed and tailored to specific regional applications with a wide spectrum of available drive systems. Branded "GHH RAND" our Dry Bulk Solutions provide many benefits from energy savings to low discharge times and minimal weight. Additional to our dry bulk range of solutions, we have extended our range with an exciting product for the Liquid Bulk Market: The next generation oil-free Sliding Vane Compressor SV200.

We are able to provide high levels of Service for our products throughout their entire lifecycle. Including our unique engineering services, valuable maintenance support, spare parts and lubricants.

Our Sales Team is ready and waiting to provide you with excellent support.